Our Vision

“Inspired by the example of Mary, Mother of Christ, Mater Christi is a family of primary and secondary Catholic schools living and learning together for the common good of our children, families and communities. Our schools will strengthen the Catholic mission in the Diocese of Lancaster and have the wellbeing of our children at the heart of all we do. We are equal partners with a shared calling to ensure our children receive an outstanding education, providing them with the knowledge, skills and spiritual development to excel in all they do.”

 As a Trust we aim to


Our Catholic Life #Loving

  • Encourage the love and service of God and others.
  • Nurture the Catholic Faith of our communities through a rich prayer life.
  • Invite all to live an actively authentic life as part of God’s family.
  • Know and experience the presence of God in our lives.

Our Curriculum #Learning

  • Work together to provide an excellent education that is relevant to the lives of our young people in each of our schools.
  • Support our children to grow in virtue so as to make a positive and intentional contribution to society and to bear witness to God’s Word.
  • Enlighten the lives of our young people by providing a wider curriculum that gives opportunities for all to develop and build their self-belief and worth.
  • Enable our young people leave as happy, compassionate and fulfilled individuals of good character.

  Our Staff #Together

  • Ensure that we appreciate and are grateful for the contribution of our staff and Governors to our Mission.
  • Actively encourage each other to discern the best possible actions that lead to excellence.
  • Place well-being at our heart in the development of our policies and practice.
  • Be attentive to the needs of our staff so that they are encouraged to meet their personal goals.


Pastoral Care #Loving

  • Ensure the interests of our children are paramount and guide everything we seek to do.
  • Promote and develop eloquence, dignity and compassion so our communities are loving, hopeful and attentive.
  • Honour the richness of diversity in our schools by recognising that all are made in the image of God.
  • Support our children to be wise, learned and curious.


Communities and Partners #Trust

  • Be attentive to the voices in our communities.
  • Build truthful, prophetic and inclusive relationships.
  • Be generous in our collaborative work for the positive development of all schools within our MAT.
  • Establish clear and relevant communication channels in place allowing our schools and stakeholders to be visible in their local community and across the Diocese.